On the road, day 1

Well, I’m in Gällivare. It’s located a little bit west from nowhere between where the f**k am I and what exactly is that. Not the center of the universe, but still it’s a nice little town. My first hotel stay for this year, and many more to come. Hopefully they will all have wireless network access. 😉

As I’m collecting information for my project, this week will mainly focus on meeting people and dating the copy machine. So far I have one binder full of information dating as far back as 1972, and that’s WAY back (in my terms, remember that I didn’t exists untill 1979). But so far it’s been fun.

Tomorrow there will be a quick meeting at 07:30, and then I’m going outside and looking at the operations here at LKAB’s mine in Malmberget. The drive to Gällivare/Malmberget was quite an adventure, as the fog made it impossible to see beyond 60-70 meters in front of the car. I had a close call with a reindeer, fortunately this was in a segment of road where the fog lifted for 10-15 km. so there was no accident. Tomorrow evening I will drive to Kiruna, and stay there to at least Thursday but hopefully I can stay until at least Friday noon. Feels bad to “waste” a day while I’m already up here and just make as much contacts as I can with the people here.

So here I am, alone in a hotel room… Not entierly… I brought season three and four of the 4400 that I haven’t watched yet, and in an hour it’s CSI on the TV.