Gone nuts.

That’s what I have done today. After a lot of confusion my pay finally showed up, and the last 200 SEK on my bank account got some company. As I haven’t been able to shop that lavishly for the last 6 months, I got a little bit crazy today. As I have a bunch of things that I have wanted to buy I got one of the most important one. The frame for my Serenity poster. It’s been making a sad living in the tube it arrived in about 6 months ago, and tonight it will go on the wall. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a big enough frame, so I have to cut 5cm from the top and the bottom. As this makes me a wee bit sad, I will just have to remember that I have another exactly the same poster in tube nr 2. They (allposter.com), sent me two serenity posters 😀

The most “gone nuts” done today was however the trip to ICA Maxi. In 1 hour I spent 3200 SEK there. I was a total of two large trollies filled to the brim with food, so currently in my freezer I have enough food to last me 6 months.

Next week I will be on the move, up to Gällivare and Kiruna for some visits and gathering information about my project. I’m looking forward to going away, but it keeps hitting me over and over again, new things that I haven’t thought of so far. Just realized this morning that I had to pack clothes. Yes, clothes. Why this little revelation didn’t pop into my head a week or so ago, I don’t know. I’m going to be gone for 5 days, maybe I should bring some clothes?!  Hopefully I will get some internet access so that I at least can blog about all the moronic things that I do….