What’s this?!?!?

I just found this blog thingy here, that seems to be a report of my daily life… Maybe I should update it sometimes… 🙂

Well. Short note. I love my job! Had a meeting with my last tutor from LKAB last Thursday, and th meeting was basically about what I actually should to this year. And as the good student that I am, I was prepared with things that I wanted to investigate. So I got to do EXACTLY that what I wanted to do this year, and what a good feeling that was. The support from Kent (my tutor at LKAB), was off the chart. Things like: of course we have to investigate that, nobody has looked at that, what a great idea and so on… My ego was through the roof when leaving that meeting.  So now when that has been stated, I can get back on reporting some other aspects of my wonderful self.

Saturday was the second day of LUDD root work and as the first day, I was carrying computers around all day and lifting and throwing things away. Heaviest item was a broken UPS that weighed about 200 kg( more close to 40-50, but it felt like 200). That sunday my back was totally out of it, not to mention my feet…

For now, I’m reinstalling all my computers and giving it a first try to install a FreeBSD computer with some fun software. Have to say that I so far love ports.