Goldie v38

Sorry, the internal clock somehow didn’t publish this golide on time.

When you think about your childhood there are some things that stand out. One for me is the years when I was in elementary school, specifically years 4-6, and all the stupid things one did back then. I also remember the music that was played as “disco’s” we had, and this weeks Oldie but Goldie will be about that. So what music do one remember….

  • New Kids On The Block (first boy band)
  • Carola
  • Michael Jacksson
  • Vanilla Ice
  • Europe
  • MC Hammer (No, I don’t want to “touch” that…)

But for a big trip back into time, one has to go for the first ever music tape that I bought: Sha-Boom! And here is their video in the best spirit of 80’s style…