My new baby

Not that much has happened this week, beyond me reading articles, thinking about test setups and other things like that. It’s been a work week so far, as today will be. This day will be devoted to mark and read articles for future reference. I’m slowly realising that my Master Thesis  will be a literature study, and not so much finding / developing new results. Among other things I still think there is something there, but I have to take about another 40p (the old style with 40p = one year) worth of courses in fluid dynamics and advanced computational math, before I even start to close in on my PhD.

In reference to my topic, here is my “new” computer The Defiant. (that’s the dell, not the TI-82 calculator….)


It’s a refurbished computer, but as it’s almost the same age as my non-functioning Dell 4150, I could easily move 512 MB of memory from the broken one to this new one for a total of 1 GB internal memory. Also the battery seems to be in a rather good shape, so it’s definitely mobile without the need for a power socket nearby. I’m thinking of getting a secondary battery, but this cost a whopping 1600SEK new so it’s on the back burner for now.

Also. I asked myself this question last sunday. What is the difference between a regular blogger and a power blogger? This because I feel that I have moved into a power blogging zone. Currently I have 6 “drafts” of blogposts (3 regular, 3 Oldie), that are ready to be posted… I guess I just have to admit it: I’m a geek!

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    • Palo on September 14, 2007 at 09:28

    Yes, you are a geek…

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