Next stupid thing…

Finally, the computer service division at LTU started to install my computer. It’s probably still patching and fun stuff like that, but at least I can start to use my “other” office. Also today I had a meeting with two more tutors (I will have four in total), and we started to discuss what courses I should take. Not sure on exactly which course, but at lest things are starting to move along.

Walking around the university I have found another strange thing to report. On a door to a corridor for teachers there is a note that’s supposed to say that there is a alarm active during the night, however they have phrased it somewhat “wrong”:

Alarmed at night

Also as of this moment, WordPress automagically spam filtration system has stopped 666 spam comments on my blog. There has to some significance to that number in relation to blogs…

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    • Mike on September 7, 2007 at 06:36

    you have been visited by spam from hell

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