I’m blogging from work!!!

Well, that how I spend my time this minute.

I got my first part of the material that I’m going to do research about. It’s a nice little doctoral theses and it will probably take about 2 days to sift through. Also some older stuff that needed to get to teachers here and there have me occupied…

My first department(TKG) meeting today, with a short introduction by me at the end and some nice quotes that I got for a professor or two.

I’m an idiot, not stupid

and this evolved to

I’m a professor, not stupid

As for stupid mistakes, yesterdays Kuriren (www.kuriren.nu), had a small typo that change world history as we know it. On page 11 (have only found the article in the printed version) an article that Sodexho has lost it’s contract for cleaning of the coutys hospitals. A contract they were awarded the year 200. Yes, year two-hundred. Some 1800 years ago…. I’m looking in the direction of B, S, and L. You know who you are 😀


    • Susanne on September 5, 2007 at 10:44

    Bahaha… jag kan säga att det var inte jag som korrläste sidan i alla fall 🙂

    • Liza on September 5, 2007 at 13:18

    Jajjamensan, såg det jag med! Radiotidningsprenumeranterna (hänga gubbe nån?) drabbades dock inte av denna historieförvridning eftersom jag läste 2000. Vilket jag efter ett snabbt övervägande bestämde mig låg närmare sanningen. Det kan ju mycket väl ha varit vilket 200X som helst, men min felmarginal var definitivt mindre än papperstidningens!! =)

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