Long day again…

with not much to be done. I did some more personal things today as making a follow-up appointment with my physical therapist, made a few unsolicited emails and go a visit from MrP.

The big thing today was however that my computer arrived and I got it transported from my office in the F-building (F-1417, for those looking for me), to the so wonderfully named office “Trälhavet” where all we Research Trainee are located. Using a “mail cart” (the ones with a bed in front and a kick bike on the back) I transported the thing. And what a workout that was! I had to have the “pushing” leg 6 times, over this short distance!

Also. I was informed that the ability to comment was somehow fracked, and it has now been fixed. It’s some text in a image that you will have to write to be able to comment on my posts.


    • Linus on September 4, 2007 at 15:58

    And this is my test….

    • Palo on September 5, 2007 at 07:34

    Du menar att det ska funka nu? Det måste jag testa….

    • Palo on September 5, 2007 at 07:35

    Ahhh… det funkar….

    Idag ska jag se om jag kan få lite mera gjort på skolan, innan man drar vidare till Umeå… 🙂

Comments have been disabled.