First day of work

Well, as I officially started the 1st of September today was my first “work” day. I’m however a little bit disappointed. The first hour with my tutor was kinda hectic, but there were a lot of practical things to be fixed and done. Things went rather smoothly, untill my 9 o’clock meeting with the Research Trainee staff. The meeting lasted for not more that 30 minutes, and that was it. No introduction, no schedule for future meetings, nothing. They just let us go, with the information that we should find our tutors and bug them. So I spent the day clearing out my new office in the F-building (F1417 I think…)

Actually there was quite a lot to clear out, about 60 binders with printed articles that for me was just recyclable paper. It took most of the day to clean, but now I have 2 shelf’s (out of 6) and somewhat of a clean desk.

What I will do tomorrow is still a big question. My next appointment is on Wednesday, so I will hopefully do something tomorrow…