Who, what where?!?!

Is there someone writing on this blog? Yes, there is. Had some “downtime” to get some things together after my exam that was on the 29th.

One should not underestimate the power that a though exam has on the mind. When I left the exam room, I felt happier and totally empty. What a relief! The things you don’t notice when you are under a lot of stress and then suddenly all that stress is lifted. Boy what a feeling.

So I spent rest of that Wednesday just running in circles, and being happy. For Tuesday it was a lot of gaming on my SNES console, and as fun as it is, I can’t wait until I can afford a Wii console. Got a bit hammered that evening with some friends at Bishops Arms, and a long awaited hamburger was mine yet again. Still just going for the queen size burger, but before the end of the year I will have a king size burger(and probably die soon afterwards because of massive amount of meat…).

So Monday is the big day. Already have no more than 4 appointments booked for just the first week, of which 3 is with my tutor. That E-mail session was something out of the sketch: Who’s on first

So it’s time to clean out a few things, and I already have 3-4 pieces chosen that will go up tomorrow on the “Oldies but Goldies” posting….