It has happened!

Got a bit of a shock today when I saw the listing for SVT. This evening at 22:00 they are airing Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, one of the best drama/comedy shows that made it past the pilot stage. Sure it was cancelled as the airing network, NBC, currently only think there exists one show in the whole galaxy, namely Heroes.

Studio 60 is written by Aaron Sorkin (NOT Spelling!!!!), who is the mastermind behind most of the best dramas on TV, among them The West Wing. So for anyone who is fed up with “Illiterate Programming” (if you watch the series you will understand), this is a strong recommendation. It revolves around all the crazyness that is the live comedy sketch show (think Saturday Night Live), with only the refined comedy that Mr. Sorkin can write. It’s not about what they put on the “air” but the crazed dynamic (slightly deranged) people that work at show like this. Also it’s Aaron’s entry in a debate over the hypocrisy that TV is in the states, with the 7 bad words, time delay for profanities etc. A promo: