I’m moving!!!

Well, not me physically, but I have moved most of the applications that I use (Firefox, Opera, Thunderbird, Miranda, VLC, WinKOM, PuTTY, FileZilla, Sunbird and the entire OpenOffice suite), to my external harddrive with the help of PortableApps.com. The entire “PortableApps” suite can use a “laucher” that looks like the “Start” menu and is run automagically once the usb stick is inserted into any computer. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did, but here I am… portable… 😉

Also I found a plugin today for WordPress, a calendar! Viewed here to the right. Have a strange feeling that I will need to keep track of my movements over the next couple of months, and help other people see if I’m busy or not that day. It won’t contain “everything”, for that I have another application (Mozilla Sunbird), but at least you’ll know if you want to burst into my office for a coffee or something. However I don’t know what my exact office number will be, but it’s in the E-building (and I think in the E-100 corridor). So lets just say that I’m running a BlackOp at the moment 😉