Trying new things

This weekend I have tried a few new thing, software wise that is. First was a new RSS reader for feeds that I have. Using Thunderbird as a RSS reader is not the most impressive function of this piece of software. What I found was the following: Feedreader. A freeware program without tonnes of frills (like internal IE based web browser etc). Just a simple, do the job software. But the best part with this (as I try to find in most of the software that I use), it’s possible to install it on an external drive. So I can just bring the thing with me. Currently I have OpenOffice, Miranda, Thunderbird, Firefox, VLC, WinKOM, Skype and Feedreader on my external harddrive. So no matter where I am, I can in principal get my entire desktop running from any computer and with the softwares that I use. To sum up. If you want a no frills RSS reader, I highly recommend Feedreader.

Got stuck today browsing the extensions library, and have added a few more things to my blog. They are however not visible to you, my dear readers, but instead it’s tools that help me post more and fun stuff. The latest edition is the addition of a flash video player that can incorporate among other things YouTube videos.

In other news, I’m hoping that tomorrow is a day when I get a call from LKAB and actually get a possibility earn some money. Have “extracted” all the amount of cash from my parents so far, and the bills are still not fully paid 🙁