Oh the stupidity!

I’m not talking about myself (even though you might think so sometimes), but the aim for my latest fury is the long saga of Internet Explorer and it’s inablility to conform to standards, and how they should be rendered. For those in the know I’m coding html to the standards of XHTML Strict and CSS2.1, and for those that don’t know it’s a specification that was decided on and ratified in 2000(xhtml) and 1998(css2). This was about the same time that windows ME and Windows 2000 was released. Since then Microsoft hasn’t been unable to insert compliance to these in their browser. Well my latest endeavour was with centering and margins that IE treats like nothing else, and totally up the wall. No wonder internet sites sometimes looks bad, as you have to first code a standard compliant site (the good ones do this), and then instert support for two different broken browsers with numerous hacks.

Steam… Ears… Now… Me…

It was the qualification for the Hungarian Formula One today, and the commercial for this event that has been runnning for about 1,5 weeks says that McLaren (the team currently in the lead by points) isn’t going to be there, even thou their drivers is to compete for first place. That’s like saying we will have a football(soccer) derby between AIK and Djurgården, but wee will play it in Spain with players from England. Totally fracked…

Also on the note about commercials. ViaSat has something called “säsongsbiljetten” in which you will get access to 6 out of 7 games each round in the highest Swedish football league. All fine and dandy. But they advertise it as if you get this you won’t miss ANY goals or ANY spectacular events. My question is this: If you only can see 6 out of 7 matches, if something happens (a goal) in that 7th match that you don’t “get”, haven’t you missed one?!?!?

The worlds population is being advertised to ignorance and we are all just clapping along!

And on that note, here is a “jingle” by The Arrogant Worms: