Walking on rain

That what I have been doing. Walking. In the rain. As I wanted to get some walking done today I headed out about 12:00, and it was raining. Just a little bit, but it increased as got closer and closer to home. This time I was using my winter boots (as I don’t have any other shoes for rainy days), and to sum up my outfit: It was the same as if it would have been -20 degrees, minus the gloves. It’s frikkin August and I dress like it’s mid December. So my guess is that this year winter will come early, like in the middle of October and stick. You heard it, I made a prediction about when the winter will arrive.

In other news, the new IKEA catalogue is taunting me. I want to by more stuff for my apartment, but unless I rob a bank or something it has to wait until September.

Oh well, not it’s back to the sofa. I have decided to finish the game Shadowrun, so it wont be taunting me if I leave for Kiruna next week. This waiting is killing me…