August 2007 archive

Formula 1 – Brasil

FORMULA 1™ Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2007 (Sao Paulo) Track: here

Formula 1 – China

2007 FORMULA 1â„¢ Sinopec Chinese Grand Prix (Shanghai) Track: here

Formula 1 – Japan

2007 FORMULA 1â„¢ Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix (Fuji Speedway) Track: here

Formula 1 – Belgium

Formula 1 ING Belgian Grand Prix (Spa-Francorchamps) Track: here

Formula 1 – Italy

Formula 1 Gran Premio d’Italia 2007 (Monza) Track: here

First day

First day as a Research Trainee at LTU.

These damn exams

It’s less than 26 hours until my exam, and I’m cramming as much theory as possible at the moment into my head. Repeating the same things over and over again as a mantra. I suddenly feel the urge to get a “real” job like in a restaurant or park services, and not feel the pressure …

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Some cleaning

Was going through some old folders and found some really nice gems. First is a commercial in swedish for 118 118 from WAY back in the days Felia 118118 And for those cheering on for Brynäs Brynäs The sheer amount of “strange” things that I have stored, just begging to see daylight again. Maybe schedule …

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Busy busy busy

That is what I am. All over the place. Even so busy that I forget to blog (not that blogging about momentum and heat transfers is a HUGE hit 🙂 ), There just isn’t anything to blog about. But today I got a link that just had to be shared

It has happened!

Got a bit of a shock today when I saw the listing for SVT. This evening at 22:00 they are airing Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, one of the best drama/comedy shows that made it past the pilot stage. Sure it was cancelled as the airing network, NBC, currently only think there exists one …

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