Sad day today

The last episode of the show Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip by tv genius Aaron Sorkin aired last night. As it is now days good shows gets cancelled and the bad shows stay on, or as they where noted on studio 60: Illiterate programming (aka reality-tv). Still haven’t watched it, but I already feel it’s loss. I remember a bit that Jay Leno did a few weeks ago where he “complemented” his network (NBC) about their success rate: 1 new show saved, 30+ cancelled this year… No wonder they are the last of the big four networks in the states. I think NBC is still drunk on it’s success with friends, and want another “copy” of that success story.

In other news, I have regained a stunning amount of mobility in my arm. I can now sit at the computer without feeling any pain and use both the keyboard and mouse without having to compromise the finger setting. Maybe soon I can start some programming again that were soon to be finished when I broke my arm.

Also I need more excuses not to study, as the subject of heat, mass and impulse transport is boring as hell… Will have to look on-line to grasp some very difficult subjects. I will however have to pass this exam in august, so in reality I have to read more and do calculations on the topic so I can actually pass this one and be one step closer to an MSc (Master of Science)

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    • Fia on June 29, 2007 at 07:26

    Ibland kan man verkligen undra hur de tänker då de lägger ned vissa serier men låter andra stanna kvar… Men som en viss pojkvän jag känner skulle säga.. “Människor är idioter..” =)

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