Long day of nothing

Got just a small amount of work done today (aka reading) but I did understand most of it. Got a bad wakeup call with the sun hitting me in the face while taking a afternoon nap on the sofa. Was out of it the following hour or so.

Have to talk about two things that were extraordinary today! First is the last episode of Studio 60. What a great summation, even though one could guess what should happen. Some good twists and many good laughs I’m deeply sorry to see this show go. It was brilliant, but in today’s tv-world there is little to no room for good quality drama without it being extremly patriotic/American or deal with mystical powers. Hopefully Aaron will be back with another show (and hopefully not on NBC) that gets him back creating the worlds best drama.

Second thing that was totally awesome today was a film: Hot Fuzz. It’s a comedy/parody of a standard cop action adventure, but with a British twist. One thing the tv/film studios in the UK can do, is totally hilarious comedy. It incorporates the most violent parts of Bad Boys and put them in a small village where the main “problem” is farm animals going missing. It’s a strong recommendation from me, and it’s on my “need” list of films to get on DVD.