Powerout is over

This years scheduled power out by Akademiska Hus is over, or as the staff in the IT department calls it: the yearly destruction of network equpiment… I do think a lot of the hardware survived this year thou.

Life is moving forward and slowly getting easier. I do feel the arm to be more healed as the sharp shooting pains are no more, and the movement of the arm is increasing. Still I’m on 6-7 500mg “Panodil” a day and at least one sometimes two morphine pills. A standard breakfast consists of one panodil and one c-vitamin pill, and a few minutes later porridge. As fun as this is with one hand I have started to use my right hand for more simpler tasks.

The main “problem” is that I’m running out of moves that I want to watch, as I have watch at least 50% of my current dvd collection. well, I will have to contend with what’s on tv.