ow ow ow ow

Was outside this morning trying to get some rolling going, but I fell. badly…

Currently I think that my right arm is broken, but I do think it’s only muscular damages. It does however not change the fact that I cant move my right arm. It hurts like hell, and I can’t use the arm at all. Witch is kind of frustrating as I have to do everything with my left arm, and being right handed it’s more than difficult. The main problem is that I can’t make any food. Hungry as hell, but chewing hard bread and fruit which keeps it in check.

More alvedon and rest to go….

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  1. Gå till vårdcentralen!! Armen är mest troligt bruten om du inte kan använda den och det blir bara värre om du låter bli att få den tittad på. gå! Nu!

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