I think I’m damaged…

I’m poring through shows now like never before, and sometimes that’s a good thing. However some times I think that I’m damaged from watching to much and “decode” the characters and the acting more than watching the show itself. Latest show to being put through my brain is Bones. A good show in general with a good twist. Some episodes are a bit on the edge on reasonable scale, but all in all I like the show very much…. but…. Dr. Temperance Brennan… Not a very well played character and not a very balanced character. In the first 12-13 episodes I want to shoot myself as soon as she starts monologuing or have more than 50% of the lines in a scene. She doesn’t fit at all in the show. The definition is contradictory at best. “She” defined herself as a genius lab rat with no people skills (which is very obvious in the first 12-13 episodes). However she has been on “digs” in south- and central America and written a best-seller. To do these things you have to have some people skills, and the ability act with a amount of empathy. Especially if she has identified bodies in mass graves… This is something that the character doesn’t have, but should.

I do like the show, however it’s at it’s best when “Bones” doesn’t have that much to say. All other character chemistry’s work and are beautifully dynamic and interesting. The show “flows” like something that Joss Whedon has written, but then comes “Bones” and totally stops the show from flowing. It becomes forced and uncomfortable, and not in a good sense that rests on Bones being a genius but it halts on bad acting and “boxy” acting.

A minute difference also but after the first 12-13 episodes, the show switches from that the Jeffersonian helps the FBI with cases into that the Jeffersonian is some sort of crime lab for the FBI. Just look on where the “summations” of what has “happened so far” in an episode takes place. First 12-13 episodes they are in the lab at the jeffersonian but then in the rest “they” (Bones and Booth) are in Booths office.

Hopefully season 2 will improve, but so far season 1 is not the best of seasons. However the first season of a show is seldom very good, except when either Joss Whedon or Aaron Sorkin are the writers. You could say that those writes are the exception that confirms the rule.