I’m going to piss of people now.

Just in a few weeks I have ploughed through a rather large amount of episodes. First was the five last seasons of Friends and boy did these fly past, and then season 1 of Criminal Minds with a few skips due to previously seen episodes. Then I hit the big whopper of a series, Farscape. A Sci-Fi series about an astronaut that gets thrown trough a wormhome and ends up far from earth.

The seasons can be summed up in this way:

  • Season 1, very good, a lot of cool character development and good scripts
  • Season 2, dreadfull. Bad writing and some oddly forced character developments.
  • Season 3, good start, good end of season but inbetween. Was the writer high all the time?
  • Season 4, bad start but the last 3-4 episodes were rather good.

This analysis is why I’m going to piss people of. Farscape fans are some times fanatical about the series. I had to force myself to watch more than 20 episodes, which isn’t good when taking into account the total of 88 episodes that were made. My main problem isn’t with the series as such, but with the sometimes total lack of character definition. Some characters feel like they have multiple personality disorder, among other the main character John Chriton. He can go from being totally tolerant about other cultures and customs, to a intolerant and borderline racist way of conducting himself. Another character that fits this description is Giana, which certainly switches character definition from the writes point of view. The total lack of a consistent character mentality makes this show very frustrating to watch, hence that I had to force myself to watch more than 20 episodes.

Also. The show is filled with “fillers” (episodes that have not timeline development and no impact on the characters). There are probably more than 4-5 in each of the season 2, 3 and 4, not including the “cartooned” episode. Sure it was fun, but that was all. So all in all. A show with good potential, but they fubared it. One exception is the “miniseries” of season (the peacekeeper wars), which was very well written and beautifully filmed.