Life is somewhat good…

Big thanks to L, who yesterday (even though zigzag seams are boring) completed the small transformation of the wall behind my “office”. Not quite finished yet, but it looks so much better now. Will post a picture in a few days, when I have had the time to iron the cloth. Also I got a use of two lamps that I bought about 3 years ago for a different project, but now have found their way into this redesign of my “office”.

Also, yesterday night I finished one of the most hilarious (and completely true) book. It’s written by Ronny Olovsson who is a native of Norrbotten and is writing for Aftonbladet. He has written a book called Värsta Pappan! about his experiences the first two years of his daughters life. It’s a he calls it: “A un-authority handbook to being a father”, and it truly is. It’s an totally unfiltered view of his experiences as a father, and some not to politically correct feelings / list. Here is one example:

Things not to say during the birth:

  1. Take it easy, it’s going to hurt even more then the baby is coming out.
  2. Can you stand and lean against the bed instead, I have a small back pain from carrying all your bags
  3. Does it hurt?
  4. Do you hear how loud they are screaming from the other rooms?
  5. Stop being silly, my grandmother gave birth to 14 children…

It’s a book I totally can recommend!