Move towards the summer

Summer is here, or at least what would constitute summer!

Last Saturday, I did it. After almost 6 months, I visited the new IKEA in Happaranda. It was quite a nice experience and I spent to much money that I shouldn’t have spent. So it’s back to cheap food for the next month, although I don’t know if it’s possible. When visiting IKEA it’s almost a tradition to eat meatball, and so I did eat that this time to. However they tasted nothin, not even salt or pepper. Completely tasteless. The only thing that actually made an impact on my taste buds were the lingonberry preserve. The sauce, the meatballs, the frikking potatoes where tasteless. Even the small cup of salad that where included tasted nothing at all. I do fear that my taste buds for food have advanced to a level that I can’t enjoy the IKEA food anymore. It’s a sad day in my small world…

Last post rambling about no shows to watch, I have “aquired” a few ones that I going to watch. First of all is Farscape, a Sci-Fi show that’s rather good. Second is the first season of Criminal Minds, that I haven’t watched, and thirdly it’s Bones. That should keep my mind energetic enough until the 15th of July when Stargate Atlantis is returning. In between that I just have to get some serious studying time done to pass the two important exams in august.