Not friends with pecl

pecl for php contains a module called fileinfo that I have tried for some time now to get working, but couldn’t understand why it was failing. I seems it requires that the mime.magic file that it uses to identify files need to be compiled in static and not in a configuration alternative. So here I am, totally missing the fact that the entire apache process is segfaulting. And it keeps segfaulting. Fucking dumb pecl extention…

Also I’m finally going to IKEA in Happaranda. It’s almost 6 months since they opened, and I haven’t been there yet. As I now have been granted the power over ms Stina’s car. I already have the power over her since a few years back, all in a form of a small paper. Also where are the application forms for pimp my ride?

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    • Liza on May 24, 2007 at 17:15 är kanske ett bra ställte att börja leta på. Hittade dessutom en artikel från mars 06 om att Pimp my ride skulle få en svenk version, fast det verkar det ju inte ha blivit än =(

    Hade dock varit kul att se Stinas min när hon kom tillbaka annars… vi kanske kan fixa själva?? 😉

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