The morons in subtitles

Tonight was one of my favourite films from when I grew up. Major League also called Värsta Gänget in Swedish. It’s not a very good film, but non the less. I used to watch it over and over and over again. What I’m a bit stubbed about is the translation in the end of the film, when Wesley Snipes talks to the catcher at first base. It’s a bit fussy on, but I think he says “9 feet” or “90 feet”. I don’t know how long the distance is between the bases, but I thing he is talking about the “lead” (step away from the base before the pitch). If it is that he is talking about the 9 feet sounds correct(about 2,7 meters).

Here is the problem. In the subtitled version from my youth they translate it into 27m, which is correct if we are talking 90 feet. Still think he says 9 feet, but it could sound like 90. Not a problem, easy mistake. In the translation tonight they wrote 270m as the distance. I’m don’t have that bad hearing, but it’s definitely not 9000 feet. Going 270m from first base in any direction will probably land your somewhere in the parking lot outside the ballfield. Someone should by the translator a calculator so he/she can do this complicated arithmetic calculation: 0,3 x 9 (or 90). Definitely not 270m on the result display!

First thunderstorm in a while. I had just come in from fixing my bike. The chain needed some cleaning and lubrication. It was warm, about 17-18 degrees and sunny. Perfect day for fixing up my bike. Got inside and about 5 minutes after that, sitting in the sofa, I suddenly become aware that it’s dark as in the middle of the night. Go out on my balcony and see this huge dark cloud in the sky, totally blocking out the sun. Then I go inside to turn on some lights, and then I hear it. The familiar sound of water hitting the bulding wall. An not a little bit of water. It’s poring like mad! I suspect that I came about 10-20 mm rain in a 30 minute window. Then comes the thunder. Directly above, and the wind increases to such intensity that it throws water from the ground up into the air. The temperature had now fallen from 17-18 C to about 5 C. More than 10 C fall in less that 15 minutes!!!

About an hour later from the thunder and rain started, it’s gone and replaced by the sun again and generally still weather. That was the most exiting thing today!

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    • Fia on May 21, 2007 at 23:40

    It was pretty cool wasn’t it? =)

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