Emerging new browse page

Got some serious inspiration last night, about the browse page. Fetched a paper and started to draw like crazy not to forget all things. It’s not a major overhaul, but it gets the job done.

The main “problem” has been that I wanted to get the information about what day the torrent was added to the database in a well formatted way. Also the main problem with fitting everything to the screen. I’m working on a minimum resolution of 900 up to 1024 so there interface is slim and fit’s the page without having to scroll sideways to see all the information.  There is a lot of information and limiting this in a meaningful matter is not easy. With this redesign I will also take into account rar/non-rar relese, categorys, dead files etc. So the redesign will take some days but I think you all will be happy with the result.

Also a more “in depth” analisys from ESC will be posted soon….