Brain on vacation

Well. A bit of a no post part again… This time I do have an excuse… I’ve been busy trying to get a “small” piece of software working properly. Man have I made some mistakes in coding. Some aren’t even funny, but more tragic. It’s been an all bug no rest  48 hours, and I’m taking a break again from the coding to actually sleep in my bed tonight instead of the sofa, which I’m come to sleep in. Don’t know why… It’s almost the same distance to the bed…

On the local internet provider part and my investigations in it, I have not gained any more information. What can be added is that currently LuleBo is in negotiations with some ISP providers to handle the “basic” connection. It’s feels funny every time I talk to people that should know a lot more than me (either at lulebo or LTU), it seems that I’m sitting on more information than them. I think the only one in the whole of LuleBo’s organisation that knows more is Anders Sundström (the CEO) as he is in charge of the negotiations. I have however not had any contact with the people at LUNet, as these are very elusive to have their phone turned on. And as I only have a number, then it’s hard to get some informations from them. Will try again in the beginning of next week, and see if I can extract some information from them

Tomorrow is ESC(Eurovision Song Contest) Final, and I’m having a little shindig at my place to showroom the very good picture on my “new” TV. There will definitely be some mocking of the songs, however some of the songs are quite good. My personal favourite is the Finnish contribution to this contest, that is finally changing to match the music style that people actually listen to. I have seen one or two of the preview shows, and some are complaining about, among other things, that rock music shouldn’t be in ESC. The problem is that these people want the ESC to stay as it is, but, hello!! Wake up! Rock music has been around for about 50 years now. I’m closing on my 30th birthday and I mostly listen to rock. People up to 10 years older than me have rock music as their favourite music style. And somehow these arrogant people think that rock isn’t something that should belong on the ESC circuit. If it’s a european song contest, let all music styles be allowed. There are qite a few of us bellow 40 years old in Europe, and most of us do like rock!

Well enough ranting for tonight, and lets get my ass to the bed and some serious sleep.