The investigaion contiunes….

So I have gone all Lois Lane/Clark Kent, and investigated this “news” and here is what I have found out.

Yes, there is going to be a switch from LCNet to LUNet. When that switch may happen is seems not to be that of a solid date. Asking Lulebo/LUNet they say this summer, and asking the ones that will have to accually do the work at the university they seems to think that I will possibly happen in the fall. They are so to say “unsure” on how things are going to be done. There is no timetable, and these people know how long in advanced that you have to plan these kinds of alterations. It’s the same people that created GigaSUNET, so they know what they are talking about. So to sum up on date, It will happen, but maybe in the fall.

O n the next point of business, what kind of service will it be. According to the ones that I have talked to ALL lulebo residences will be connected to the LUNet network, and there will be a sort of “basic service” available in all apartments. So that you can just plug in your computer into the socket and at least access the internet, without having to wait for the ISP to install. This so you can control the bookings of flats, timers on the car power post. This will be a limited bandwidth service, and will probably bump you monthly cost a 40-50kr. If you want faster access and better access (static IP etc.), you will have to get a subscription from one of the currently five providers available in the network. Here there will be no limit wither you are a student or not. All will have the basic network connection and you you want a better one, you have to get a subscription.

Link to the LUNet (, forwards to luleå energy homepage)

So it’s not looking to bad on the technical point, and from what I gather Lulebo is in negotiations with the current ISP’s to ascertain who will provide the “basic” package with internet connection.

So what’s my real beef? Well it’s the lack of information. As there is no available information on either lulebo’s homepage or luleå energy’s homepage, all we have left are speculations. A service that impacts all it’s residences, in maybe less that six months. What about those people that may sign up for a 24 months lease, and just 4 months into that lulebo “makes the change”, and there you are maybe stuck with a service for another 20 months costing you more that 200kr a month.

This isn’t like there is a new way of booking the laundry room, it’s a major change. Also there is still the question about those residences connected to the LCNet but living in non luebo apartments. I will continue to dig in… more calls and more information will be found!