Hopping mad, LCNet is a goner!

A bit upset. A rather bland day here, not much had been done. Was looking into moving a server down to the server space at my local computer club, and got some disturbing news.

As of this summer the local campus network in luleå is no more. LC-Net will disappear an and will get replaced by a “local ISP”, chosen soly by Lulebo. The background is that LTU no longer wants to take responsibility for the campus network, and separate it into a separate entity where the university isn’t the main responsible owner. This has been moved about some time now, but in the end Lulebo overruled all student initiated efforts to create a student own ISP and run the campus network.

So why am I hopping mad?

Well, according to sources the “switch” will come this summer, and lulebo don’t want to tell the students yet. Why you might ask? Well, there would probably be an uprising of student voices as this is a definite worse service than we currently are enjoying. This “way” of doing business is very sneaky on the part of Lulebo, to announce information in the summer when the number of students is low, the student body is in the middle of a regime shift. I know that it’s easier to do the switch in the summer, from a practically point of view, but not informing the student body before the summer break about these changes when they have been finalized is just irresponsible.

So how does the future look? Luleå Energi and Lulebo  has created a new company called LUNet(read about it their latest customer paper), and is the caretaker of the city wide network with a lot of ISP options as it’s a service provider neutral network. Well, if you thought that you (as a student at LTU) get to choose from the vast service providers(5 at the moment) that exists you are sadly mistaken. Roumers say that it will be “free” for students. Free in this case is that Lulebo makes a deal with one service provider, and then tag on the cost per apartment to the rent. This way you will only get a higher apartment rent, but the network is “free of charge”. Except that you will be paying lulebo for the network in a hidden charge on your rent, AND that you cant choose your provider as anyone else connected to the city wide network. So here we are again. Second rate citizens, with not options again.  This is the 12 to 10 month rent change of three years ago, all over again.

And this is for the Lulebo connected apartments. What will happen with the more that 1000 students living in apartments owned by Lundbäcks. What will happen when they suddenly don’t have a provider for their internet??

There will be a follow up tomorrow, as I have business at the lulebo office.