I’m a cheap drunk

Yes, I am! Proof: yesterday. Was in town for food and beer at my favourite pub Bishops Arms. Started the order with a classical queen sized burger and a pint of Erdinger. Halfway through the food I ordered my second erdinger. 10 minutes later that that pint halfway done, I feel so drunk like I have had 8-9 beers and some suspicious liquid that contains alcohol. I’m not shitfaced, but close enough. Time? 20:35… I took the bus home and was asleep at 22:00. Man… The first day that I have really felt that I’m not 20 years old any more…

Seems that I don’t blog as much lately, but this will change. Will have to increase the will to do so. Problem is that I’m just sitting at home doing assignments. Have to make something happen / do something stoooopid 😀

For the Tubers that still read this low speed bloging adventure, it’s done! RARPv2 is done! Currently doing some last minute alterations and testing, but so far it seems to be working very nicely. I have posted some details on the forum, please read. It’s important.

This software was created with a lot of blood sweat and emacs! Haven’t used this editor in this scale before, but I see myself loving every minute of it. It is a very steep lerning curve, but once learned it’s lovely to work with. Still not “fluent” on the cut/copy/paste shortcuts, and I looking into integrating the subversion controls into emacs, so that I dont have to have an extra console window open just for those commit/update/add calls.