I feel the darkness….

Well, not that depressing but there are a lot of clouds in the sky today. Was hoping for a beautiful day like yesterday. But no luck. Hopefully it’s just a minor cloud bank. According to SMHI (Swedish Meteorological Institute) it’s going to be bellow zero centigrade on saturday morning, -3 C to be precise. Hopefully this will change. Can’t take anymore below zero days. I want the summer to be here in full force!

Also something that I have learned. Do not press the up button on your keyboard without watching what is going on in your terminal window. Lost 2 hours of work yesterday becase I hit enter on a svn force update, instead of a commit. This was quite upsetting, in a very British way. Lesson learned!

On a site note, in the category fruits that you didn’t knew existed. I like to buy strange fruits and test them. Why die curious…

Konstig frukt

It taste like a combination between a cucumber and a lime, with a tomato texture. Not that bad, but I’m not going to buy it again.

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    • 'dreas on May 1, 2007 at 15:53

    … and Hydrological … Sorta the same rule as in the pronouncination of Herbs… There’s a frigging H in it… *grin*

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