One done, two to go…

That’s right. Had the interview yesterday for the trainee slot at LTU. We were two students applying for the same project. So when I left the interview with somewhat of a bad feeling. Have a lot of important exams left (missed ones), and my first thought was “I’m fucked”. But just a few hours later I got an email from the interviewer and he was going to recommend me for the trainee position (hence the title :)). Now it’s just two hoops left to be able to start, and these I have no control over at all.

There was an “but” to. I need to pass 2 specific exams in the re:examination period in august. This is a bit nerve wrecking, but also there is not other alternative than not pass them. It has to be done!

On other news… I’m totally psyched for friday, when a friend of mine will be visiting over the weekend. It’s actually her first time in Luleå, so I’m planning the “tourist route” we will be taking. Probably will end up with just moseying around the city centre. But non the less, I’m on pins and needles.

Yesterday was another CSI night but without CSI… We played Munchkin insted. A totally insane game, that I have become addicted to. The best part of the game is however that you need to play it with your friends, and not a computer game you play sitting alone in your apartment.

On a sidenote… Mr. P, stop your mobile calling mine without any reason. I’m still looking for a hitman…


    • Mike on April 24, 2007 at 13:00

    Noooooooooo… I will not… Try finding a hitman that can kill my phone from a great distance… =)

    • Fia on April 24, 2007 at 13:05

    Håller med dig, Munschkin rockar fett! Har även prövat Munschkin bites och impossible, det här spelet blir bara bättre och bättre! =)

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