Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

And that’s a fact! Yesterday all my TV problems was “solved”. Got the call (or more to the point, I called the repair man), and the TV couldn’t be repaired. This was not very good news, as I was missing my TV. So what to do… Go on-line and start to search for used one.

And here is my luck. Found one (32″, widescreen) in my local area for only 2000kr. Gave the seller a ring and it was still for sale. A quick call, and 6 hours later it was in my living room. Thought it was going to be hard to fit in a new TV as I had the last one for 7 years, but after a little fiddling and moving about it fit better than my old one. And the picture!!! So freaking good. Haven’t seen that good picture on any TV in my lifetime. So I’m currently overdosing on movies and shows.

On other news. Got my interview for the research trainee on monday, and man am I excited. Hopefully this interview will go very good and this fall I will have started on a road towards a doctorate and possibly a professors title. I can see myself as that crazy professors with white hair, an old labcoat and not making much sense. That’s me! Think Doc in Back to the Future.

Anyhew here is a picture of my new tv.

New tv