Another dealine is closing in on me. Tomorrow is a seminar, and I have just started to read the two articles that will be on the seminar. Not that ethics discussions as such are boring, but reading about ethics is really boring. I will however somehow finish this seminar and continue on the path to my research trainee slot.

On that note. I got the email today about my research trainee interview, and it’s go for monday. It’s just going to be my/the tutor, so I don’t see what new information will be coming up. We have already talked about career opportunities here at LTU, and if I get this trainee thing then I will stay. Got a real taste for teaching last period, and I kinda want to go back to that. I will probably make a blog post here in 20 years time, and then I’v been teaching at LTU for many many years….

On a side note, the weather is now very nice. Was outside for almost 2 hours walking with a friend. The fresh air, the feeling of spring and good company. It doesn’t get any better then that! I’m kinda already exited for when it’s warm enough to take a bath at the beach.

Well enough with the dreaming of the warm summer and back to the articles.