Sleeping sickness.

That is what I have, or at least what I want to have. I’m not sleeping during the night and tired as hell during the day. I have somewhat deduced that I have had this “condition” since sunday. Probably got it from my friend as she couldn’t stop yawning when she was here. Or I’m just boring… (let’s hope not).

Today I passed another quiz in the course The Universe for curious people and I now have 10p out of the required 21 to pass the course. Maximum is 35, but that still only gives you a 3 (pass) on this course. To get a higher grade there has to be an essay, which I’m not planning on doing.

Something strange has happened in the world. Was out celebrating my passed exams yesterday with some shopping and was in Cubus to look at the clothes they have. In 99% of the cases that I find something, there isn’t one in my size (need XXL for the shoulders…). But yesterday I found 2 t-shirts that I like, and in my size!!! So counting the trip to stockholm where some other t-shirts was purchased I now have 7 t-shirts from a store that seldom have my size in stock. Finally I can rotate some of the more “worn” shirts out of circulation.