The long weekend is almost over!

And where did all that free time go? Not towards anything useful directly. Did some coding, some reading and I’m currently using 4 washers to clean most of my stuff. Other then that, nada, zip, not one thing. An the irony is that I still have about 40 pages to read from a compendium and before tomorrow I have to decide what my small essay in Ethics is going to be about. So it’s a standard Linus pile of stuff to do on the last day…

I had however a great time yesterday. Had a friend over for some dinner, and man did we talk and talk and talk. It was a close call, but both of our ears is still attached to our heads 🙂

Also, today is the day. I will finally post my ad to to sell all my excess furniture. There is a kitchen table with 4 chairs, a largish bookcase and some carpets. Things has go to go! It’s spring cleaning time!