What ethics???

I have signed up for a ethics course (technology & ethics), and with the first lecture yesterday I found out that I was the only student on that course. I will be taken in parallel with the “pure” ethics course and some philosophy students basic course. And after this “introduction” by the teacher, all I have to do this period is a essay on 4-6 A4 pages, 1 seminar and 5 classes. I have a feeling that either will this be an easy course or it’s going to be to much.

Weather is still great with temperatures about +10C, and here I am, chained to the computer for assignments,  reading texts online and just generally need to watch my email inbox. This weekend will be a “non working” weekend. I will go outside and enjoy the weather!! (that I have proclaimed ;))

Also I’m in the process of “porting” a server to a new one, and that’s a whole issue by itself. Syncing databases, moving all development tools, moving the subversion repository and making sure that everything is compiled and fully functional. Somehow one always forget how much work it is to move an entire setup from one computer to another, but I’m hopefull on this one as I completed much of the work about one month ago.