That’s it, I’m going honest…

Tonight my TV took it’s last breath of good viewing, and just gave up. Or more to the point, I gave up on it. The picture is now blue/white tinted (no red and very little green color), and in 50 percent of the time there is no picture, only white lines across the screen. I talked earlier today with a repair man, and he thought it was a high capacity transformer that was going bonkers. The cost for this repair?? a diffuse “more than 1500SEK” answer. So now I’m officially without a TV. Strange feeling, even though I don’t watch anything regularly.

Will have to wait until this fall when I hopefully have a lot of cash to burn from my summer jobb, but as of this writing I’m not sure that I have one. But here is for hoping.

Tonight will anyhew be about a personal letter that I have to finish by tomorrow and hand it in on Friday. Also an exercise for this evening is the movement of my development environment to the new server. First is the database about to move and later the whole emacs / syntax setup. oh well, here goes nothing!