Let’s start life up again

A new day, new courses to pass, more decorating for my apartment to do. Yesterday felt like If it was physically possible I would have been in two places at the same time. I got most of the things done yesterday that I wanted but I still missed a few. That’s what’s this day is for.

Yesterday was all about unpacking and setting things in order for game night with a few of my friends. I have a few boardgames that needed to be tested. It started however with a Taco dinner, which was consumed rather fast (everybody seemed to be hungry) and later a desert of chocolate pudding. Also there was some alcohol involved, not much but some.  Anders had brought a home made port wine(not made by him though) and it was exelent! We contemplated on how often you actually drink port or any other “after dinner drink” during the year, and it’s not many….

So game night was a success and we played a total of three games: The REAL ghostbusters, Stop Thief and Tyst i Klassen. Somehow I got caught  cheating more than any other student and lost the overall score. Pictures will be posted once I manage to connect my camera to the computer.

The next couple of days will be to compile and submit a résumé for application to the Research Trainee program here at the university. It’s seems that I might be getting a doctorate… Hopefully my application will be granted, as this has become something that I really want to do.