Back from the dead

Just got of the bus. Man what mileage I have been doing for the last week. Approx 1000 km by bus and two flight’s round trip Luleå -> Stockholm.

I can verify that the apartment is still standing tall and not burned down to the ground. Stockholm was nice and I actually found some clothes to buy, so if my mind isn’t to dense at the moment this is my first official shopping trip to Stockholm. Found a lot of other things to that I wanted to buy, but I can’t afford a truck to bring them all back to Luleå. One purchase that I did was a nice glass bottle, to be more precise a old fashioned milk bottle. So now I have to go outside to buy some milk!!!

Spring is attacking nicely and a lot of snow has smelted away. Currently it’s about +5C outside and not a cloud to be seen. Now there is a lot to get done, 1 week worth of mail (mostly bills, but that’s all the mail that I get), a few packages to fetch at the post office and somehow hijack a car to take me to Jysk and fetch the bookcase that I ordered about two weeks ago.

So for now this update is all that can post without frying my brain. keep it real! (in fantasy land)