Stick a fork in me…

…I’m done.

The week of midterms is over and I’m hopefully two exam closer to my goal. The exams went so-so, and I’m not sure that I passed. Hopefully I will at least get a pass.

The contractor that was to change the flooring in my hallway, rang yesterday at 14:00 and asked if they could come 1 hour later… Sure I said and he went to work. So today when I got home from my exam, the hallway had a brand new linoleum mat. It’s a lot nicer than the old grayish rubber mat.

My orders seems to be being processed fast these days, as one poster (Serenity) arrived yesterday and somehow fucked up, because today I go a second Serenity poster which I didn’t order… Oh well.. The fabric that I’m going to have to cover up my new whiteboard also arrived today, though I haven’t collected it yet from the post office.

Tomorrow is D-day. at 09:00 I’m leaving this place that’s thawing out like a ice cube in sahara. A 7 day vacation, with just relaxing and some shopping. Have to bring another bag, just in case 😉