Damn you, why aren’t you stupid…

The you I’m talking about is  me.  It’s very hard to study at the moment.

Most of the things that I read about, is followed by the thought I already knew that and that’s very frustrating. I have started to pour over some areas where I’m quite fluent, like grinding and separation with hydrocylcone. It’s not easy to re:read a lot of things.

On a more cheerful note.. Spring is here. The temperature outside my window is +2C and the sun is shining. The snow on the ground is slowly melting away. As much as I like the winter, summer is more of my favourite season. The ability to have your doors open and let fresh air through the apartment. The only but right now is that hopefully it won’t go bellow zero again and freeze the smelted water into a thick icy crust, which makes just walking to the supermarket an adventure without a known ending.

Also a grand scheme of plans is in the works for the summer, more on that later once it’s more than a loose thought…

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    • Fia on March 13, 2007 at 12:04

    Considering that the spring is a little early, I’d have to say that I think this weather is just temporary. It’ll probably go back to freezing -20 in about a week…. But I hope not.. =)

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