Hello, It’s my ADD day today…

Woke up this morning and felt totally ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Could not concentrate on one thing for more than maybe 5 minutes.  It went from take a shower, start the water cooker, dry of from the shower, start the computer, look at new mail, shave and so on for about 2 hours!!!

I manage to pull myself together for the math final at 09:00, but just barely. After 2½ hours I was finished with it. The teacher had made my (hopefully) last math final a horrific experience. All calculus was something about trigonometric functions, and thats one area where I totally suck!! Hopefully I will at least get a pass so I can finally put the course behind me.

When I got home, the ADD  that I had “suppressed” during my exam reared it’s ugly head! Could not concentrate for 1 minute on one simple thing. So far I have moved about my entire flat in four different outfits (don’t ask me why), ordered on-line for about 1000 SEK, counted my change jar (why I don’t know…), deleted half of the stuff that I have downloaded over the last 3 months (why I keep storing pictures and links are beyond me).

So all in all, I think the entire day will continue in this ADD manner 😉

Oh look, shiny object!