I’m on top of the world…

…and I’m not drunk.

Today at 20.00 my dreams became real. SVT2(national broadcats system) started to air the show Doctor Who the “first” new season with Christopher Eccleston. For you that don’t know what Doctor Who is, visit this link. It’s created be BBC and is one of the best Sci-Fi series that have ever been created (I’m not joking here!!). It’s currently has finished it’s 28th season (second in the 2005 version), and the third season has been confirmed by BBC.

With all the bad reality TV, Oprah, Dr Phil and an assortment of just badly written TV, this is a breath of fresh air. Doctor Who is a combination of the British humour, Sci-Fi and good old good vs evil. Having such enemies as the Daleks it’s a very impressive show. For those is Sweden from now on Thursdays @ 20:00 is a must see TV. If you can’t get it by regular television, get the DVD’s or… some other method….

If there is one show that you have to watch this spring it’s this one!

Oh well, back to my math books…


    • Fia on March 9, 2007 at 10:56

    Min bror nämnde något om att den nya versionen redan har en spin-off som heter Torchwood… känner du till något om det? Jag såg första avsnittet häromdagen, var inte jättebra men den kanske växer.. =)

    • Linus on March 9, 2007 at 11:02

    Jag slutade titta på torchwood efter det 5:e avsnittet. Den har förbättras vad jag har fått veta av andra, har dock inte tittat på det efter det.

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