I’m done!

As of this minute I’m done with the lab assistant work. As fun as it was, sometimes almost to much fun, I’m glad that it’s over. Now all I have left to do this month is a two finals. New courses start for me on the 26/3, but that’s waaaaay in the future.

My home starts to look more normal now, that I have thrown out all the boxes that my loot came in and the box for the server I bought (with a lot of help!). So it’s almost a clean, nice apartment again. Currently I’m on the hunt for some furniture for the hallway and a whiteboard for my programming and things that I shouldn’t forget. All through April and May I have a lot of small things that need some attention and I need a very visual place for them.

And anyone reading this blog don’t be alarmed if I start writing math terms here, as I for the moment eat, breathe and sleep math 😉