Got the call today!!!

DHL is finally delivering the four boxes that my father sent me with all the “spoils” that I gathered when I was home during the holidays. The four boxes contain about 15-16 boardgames, christmas stuff (lights, small santas etc.) and my gifts from when I graduated “highschool”, roughly called gymnasiet here in sweden.

So tomorrow between 07-09 they will deliver them, and then it will be like Christmas morning again… The only bad thing is that I don’t have the time to gather some friends and play these games untill the end of march. The next two weeks it’s midterm’s and the week after that I’m leaving for stockholm. But it will just have to be a bigger bash later then, with a whole lot of games. the ones I can remember is Risk, Tjuv och Polis, Hotell and Airport. Will post a complete list tomorrow including pictures!
It’s back to the books for me, need to figure out some differential equations and the Euler formula for these.