Love-Hate relationship

So I have a small love / hate relationship with Ubuntu Linux. On one had it was easy to install and included all teh importat parts (64 bit system, SATA controllers, FakeRAID system, SMP kernel), and the server installation is just that, a pure server installation. No extra bling bling’s to speak of (it didn’t even have a sendmail installation). That the love part…

The hate part is the imposibility to add libraries with apt-get, and get the correct ones. Tried to install the MySQL .deb package and that went well, but then try to compile PHP against that installation. Half of the files is located in different .deb packages and there seems to be no order in which package whick file exists. Just try to find the mysql_config file (required for mysqli support). I gave up after one hour of installing dev packages and whatnots.

But I have the server online at least and there are still a few minor additions that need to be made, but that has to wait untill after my midterm finals.

For now it’s time for complex numbers, differental equations and integrals.


    • MrBeer on March 5, 2007 at 21:28

    I guess you need something like the ‘php4-mysql’ package from Debian.
    Or which PHP version do you use?

    Or maybe these help: &

    • Linus on March 7, 2007 at 00:20

    I’m using PHP5, and the problem with the default PHP installation and MySQL installation is that they are rather bloated. MySQL include support for InnoDB and cluster, which stand for an aprox.
    150MB footprint. Also the PHP installation is not optimized and includes a hefty bunch of modules that isn’t necessary, and some are simply not needed (GD library for one…)

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