Batter up!

…and I’ll knock this one out of the park. Last laboratory slot today, and then I’m done with these. Just a few lab reports to correct…

I don’t consider myself to be verry educated in how people behave and their subcontius actions when asked a difficult question. I have however observed during these laboratory exercises that I can easly spot a person who have read /not read the laboration manual before the lab, understood it or just generally interested in the lab as such. So here is my warning to all of you who just “ride along” with your friends:

The ones running the laboratory can easily spot how well read you are, and you can not hide from us!

In other news, I’m thinking of prebooking a Nintendo Wii tonight, as my paycheck for the assistant work on the laborations will arrive in about a month. As there usually is a 2 month “waiting period” for these consoles it would hopefully arrive in the end of april.

Today’s “revelation”: If you buy a cheep computer case, you get a cheep, crocked, items missing type of case. (this was a 01 am revelation!)