All work and no play

So this week so far has brought a lot of work and not much play. It’s been labs, math lectures (with Prof. X Squirt), correcting lab reports, building a new server and somewhere in there I slept some.

Tomorrow is my last lab with a group from LKAB, and then it’s just correcting lab reports. As of this writing there are only 6 reports left, and hopefully I will have at least 4 of them this weekend. Then it’s really time to concentrate on my exams. Feel that I’m a bit behind on these and have to pus some serious time into the math final this weekend.

Other then that, I’m currently looking forward to my stockholm trip in 2½ weeks. There is one visit to Metso Minerals planned, but the one thing I’m looking forward to the most is spending time with C, who I’m visiting.

Also. Tonight I was a baaad boy. On the new server I need to run a kernel with at least 2.6.18, and the only distribution that runs a kernel that new is Ubuntu. So I abandoned my principals of only running Slackware Linux and downloaded and installed Ubuntu. So far the RAID1 volume was created successfuly and the system installed. However the system automagicaly chose the wrong kernel and I have to re:run the installer in expert mode to be able to choose a better kernel. That will be something that I have to do at a later date…

The most mortifying part of this all is that the server has more processing power than my desktop computer, which is only a ½ year old.  Will have to do something about that in the future.

The yearly large booksale has started here in Sweden, and on Friday I’m  going to town to see if I can find some books that will last the entire next year. I don’t read very fast and 5-6 books per year is usually enough. Last year however it only took 6 months for me to read the books that I bought. So I will probably increase the numbers of books bought this year.